QC Economics

COIL at Queens College

Queens College is pleased to announce the launch of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL): https://coil.qc.cuny.edu/

COIL is a term created by the SUNY COIL Center to describe “the four essential dimensions of real virtual mobility: it is a collaborative exercise of teachers and students; it makes use of online technology and interaction; it has potential international dimensions; and it is integrated into the learning process.”

In keeping with the international goals of Queens College (QC), COIL will offer faculty members the opportunity to learn about Collaborative Online International Learning, to develop strategies for incorporating it into their courses, to advance research with international colleagues, and to expand QC’s global presence.

By collaborating with a global faculty partner and adding a COIL component to a course, faculty allow students to gain cross-cultural skills through virtual interaction and enhance their international opportunities without leaving NYC.

While the COIL component takes place solely online, courses may be face-to-face, hybrid or fully online.
The focus of COIL is global/intercultural fluency, not technology.