QC Economics

Economics Department Faculty

Leticia Arroyo Abad, Associate Professor, Personal Website
Clive Belfield, Professor, Personal Website
Mathew Bradbury, Lecturer, Personal Website
Natalia Candelo Londono, Assistant Professor, Personal Website
Georges Courtadon, Distinguished Lecturer
John Devereux, Professor and Department Chair, Personal Website
Julen Esteban-Pretel, Associate Professor, Personal Website
Zadia Feliciano, Associate Professor
David Gabel, BBA and Evening Chair
Inas Rashad Kelly, Professor, Personal Website
Luc Marest, Visiting Assistant Professor
Cara Marshall, Lecturer, Personal Website
Joan Nix, Associate Professor and Deputy Chairperson of the BBA
Francesc Ortega, Professor, Personal Website
Francisco Penaranda, Associate Professor, Personal Website
Carl Riskin, Distinguished Professor, Personal Website
Nuria Rodriguez-Planas, Associate Professor, Personal Website
Jennifer Roff, Associate Professor, Personal Website
Kevin Shih, Assistant Professor, Personal Website
Suleyman Taspinar, Assistant Professor, Personal Website
Thom Thurston, Professor, Personal Website
Tao Wang, Professor, Personal Website
V. Schiro Withanachchi, Lecturer


Michael Dohan, Professor Emeritus, Personal Website
Michael Edelstein, Professor Emeritus, Personal Website
Peter Eilbott, Professor Emeritus
Raymond Franklin, Professor Emeritus
Harvey Gram, Professor Emeritus
Harry Greenfield, Professor Emeritus
Hugo Kaufmann, Professor Emeritus, Personal Website
Albert Levenson, Professor Emeritus
Elizabeth Roistacher, Professor Emerita
Babette Solon, Professor Emerita
William Tabb, Professor Emeritus


Benjamin Agyepong, Adjunct Lecturer
Michael Anzel, Adjunct Lecturer
Kevin Balsam, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrew Bossie, Adjunct Lecturer
Stanley Buchholtz, Adjunct Lecturer
Jonathan Josue Lopez Camara, Adjunct Lecturer
David Debora, Adjunct Lecturer
Michael Dellova, Adjunct Lecturer
Daniel Dench, Adjunct Lecturer
Jeffrey Farber, Adjunct Lecturer
Layton Franko, Adjunct Professor
Haruhiko Fujiwara, Adjunct Lecturer
Andrew Green, Adjunct Lecturer
Geordan Hull, Adjunct Lecturer
Daeyeop Hwang, Adjunct Lecturer
Rafael de Balanzo Joue, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Personal Website
Samuel Jung, Adjunct Lecturer, Personal Website
George Koimisis, Adjunct Lecturer
Jinghong Li, Adjunct Professor
Chiao-Han Lin, Adjunct Lecturer
Orin Linden, Adjunct Lecturer
John Chun Yah Liu, Adjunct Lecturer
Gaoquan Liu, Adjunct Lecturer
Shaooying Ma, Adjunct Lecturer
Georgios Marketakis, Adjunct Lecturer
Jared Mijares, Adjunct Lecturer
Karl Mitchell, Adjunct Lecturer, Personal Website
Raymond Myrthil, Adjunct Lecturer
Kidaya Ntoko, Adjunct Professor
Andrew Paizis, Adjunct Professor
Farahmand Rezvani, Adjunct Professor
Anthony Santana, Adjunct Lecturer
Leonard Schutzman, Adjunct Lecturer
Dennis Shirshikov, Adjunct Lecturer
Francois Silatchom, Adjunct Lecturer
Ronald Torok, Adjunct Lecturer
Johnson Tseng, Adjunct Lecturer
Roumen Vesselinov, Adjunct Lecturer, Personal Website
John Wagner, Adjunct Lecturer
Ting Wang, Adjunct Lecturer
Carl Ward, Adjunct Lecturer
Sheldon Wayman, Adjunct Lecturer
Alan Weinman, Adjunct Lecturer
Tao Wu, Adjunct Lecturer
Dening Wu Lohez, Adjunct Lecturer
Sera Yangli, Adjunct Lecturer
Sori Yoo, Adjunct Lecturer
Ying Zhao, Adjunct Lecturer
Ma Zhen, Adjunct Lecturer