Economics Major Concentration Form

Students: You must enter dates for  all 11 courses (including those that you plan to take in the future).

All courses required of the major, as well as, those electives you have chosen must be included in the concentration form. Any changes in the timing of courses, or in the electives chosen will be updated automatically in Degreeworks via Cunyfirst. Any mistakes regarding the dates/grades of completed courses listed on the form will also be corrected in Degreeworks.

You cannot officially declare an Economics major with the registrar until an advisor has approved this form.

NOTE: Do not use your browser’s Back or Forward buttons while completing this form.

Requirements of the Major: Required 33 credits: Calculus (MATH 131 or Math 141 or Math 151) and at least 30 credits in economics courses. Majors in Economics must take Eco. 101 (or 103), 102 (or 104), 202 (or 225), 201 (or 226), 249 and 382 plus four elective courses at the 200 level or higher (exclusive of Bus 385 and Eco/Bus 393) for a total of 30 credits in Economics. Math 141 or Math 151 is recommended instead of Math 131 for students interested in graduate level studies. Only 15 credits may be transferred towards the economics major, including courses taken on permit. Students may choose their electives from Economics or Business courses at the 200 level or higher (course descriptions can be found in the college bulletin). Please note that ECON499 is considered blanket credit and cannot be used as an elective.

Is BUS 344 now ECO 344: Marketing Research?

All students must have at least a combined “C” average for ECON101, ECON102, ECON202, ECON201, ECON249, and ECON382. A combined “C” average must also be obtained in the above 6 courses plus the 4 required electives. Only courses taken at Queens College are included in these averages. All courses for the major, plus MATH131 or equivalent, must be passed with a letter grade of “C-” or higher (no P/NC option).

Did you take a course on Permit? A course taken “on permit” is a course taken at another institution after you enroll at Queens. This is only possible with the permission of the department; at most two courses in the major may be taken on permit. If you took a course(s) on permit, bring your permit(s) with you when you see your advisor.