Technology-enabled innovation is disrupting traditional financial services. Students will discover how digital currencies, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Artificial Intelligence are changing the financial landscape. Robo-advising, peer-to-peer lending, equity crowdfunding, and mobile payments are examples of this changing environment. Entrepreneurial ventures that improve payment methods, lending, and other financial services challenge traditional banks as well as other financial intermediaries. The dynamic nature of this competitive rivalry is studied through numerous real-world examples. 


Criptocurrencies・Blockchain Technology・Machine Learning

FinTech Requirements

Requirements for Financial Technology Majors

1. Acceptance to the BBA program, which requires a minimum GPA of 3.3 (subject to revision) in the first four courses listed below.
2. A minimum GPA of 2.7 for courses taken as part of the FinTech Major at QC.
3. No individual grade below C- is accepted.
4. No more than 21 credits can be transferred into the program from other colleges.

17 Required Courses and 4 Electives as follows:
1ACCT 101: Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Accounting I
2ACCT 102: Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Accounting II
3ECON 101: Introduction to Macroeconomics
4ECON 102: Introduction to Microeconomics
5MATH 141: Calculus/Differentiation, or
MATH 151: Calculus/Differentiation & Integration

ECON 249: Statistics as Applied to Economics and Business (1 Prerequisite: MATH 141 or MATH 151), or 

MATH 241: Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics

7ECON 382: Introduction to Econometrics (2 Prerequisites: ECON 249/MATH 241 and  MATH 141/MATH 151)
8ACCT 261: Business Law I
9BUS 241: Corporate Finance
10BUS 243: Economics of Distribution and Marketing (1 Prerequisite: BUS 160W)
11 BUS 247: Business Economics

CSCI 111: Intro to Algorithms, or

BUS 356/RM711: Applied Financial Analysis with VBA Programming (1 Prerequisite: CSCI 048; 1 Pre/Co-requisite: BUS 241)

13PHIL 160 : Business Ethics
14BUS 160W : Introduction to Business Writing
15BUS 341W: Intermediate Finance (3 Prerequisites: BUS 241, BUS 160W, and ECON 249/MATH 241)
16ECON 301: Economics of Crypto-Assets (1 Prerequisite: ECON 215 or ECON 201)
17ECON 302: Blockchain and Money (1 Prerequisite: ECON 301)
18 & 19Choose any TWO
a. BUS 357/RM 714: Introduction to Python for Financial Applications (1 Pre/co-requisite: BUS 341W)
b. ECON 387: Advanced Econometrics (1 Prerequisite: ECON 382)
c. BUS 386/RM 708: Financial Econometrics (2 Prerequisites: ECON 382 and ECON 249/MATH 241)
d. MATH 342W: Data Science via Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling
20First Globalization and Environment Elective.
21Second Globalization and Environment Elective.