Electives for Quantitative Majors

ECONOMICS – 200 Level

ECON 201: Macro-Economic Analysis (Formerly ECON 206)

ECON 202: Price Theory (Formerly ECON 205)

ECON 203: Development of Economic Thought

ECON 204: International Political Economy

ECON 207: Comparative Economic and Financial Systems

ECON 208: The Process of Economic Development

ECON 210: Transformation of Economic Systems

ECON 211: Economics of Asia

ECON 212: Economic Problems of Latin America

ECON 213: Economics of the Labor Force

ECON 214: Economics of Organized Labor

ECON 215: Money and Banking

ECON 217: Public Finance

ECON 218: The Economics of State and Local Finance

ECON 219, 219W: Economics of Class, Race, and Sex

ECON 220: Consumer Economics and Personal Finance

ECON 221: The Economy of Greece

ECON 222: European Economic History since 1750

ECON 223, 223W: The Development of the American Economy to 1914

ECON 224: American Economic History since 1914

ECON 228, 228W: The Economics of the Environment

ECON 229: History of International Business and Finance, 1850 to the Present

ECON 230, 230W: Women’s Issues in Economics

ECON 231: Economics of China

ECON 232: Economics of Climate Change

ECON 242: Regulation of American Business

ECON 245: Economics Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

ECON 246: Urban Economics

ECON 249: Statistics as Applied to Economics and Business

ECON 260: Economics of Health and Income Maintenance Programs

BUSINESS – 300 Level

BUS 301: The Economics of CryptoAssets

BUS 344: Marketing Research

BUS 351: Financial Markets

BUS 355: Topics in International Business and Finance

BUS 383, 383W: Seminar in Selected Studies in Business

BUS 384: Forecasting and Regression Analysis for Business

BUS 386 / RM708*: Financial Econometrics

BUS 391, 391W: Special Problems

BUS 392W: Honors Seminar

Certain electives are open to BBA majors only.

BUS 341W: Intermediate Finance

BUS 350: Investment Analysis

BUS 352: Investment Management

BUS 353 / RM705*: Options and Futures Markets

BUS 354: Multinational Financial Management

BUS 385: Investment Workshop

* Students in the Accelerated Graduate Program in Risk Management should take the RM graduate courses in place of the undergraduate courses.